Parents, manage mobile phone used by kids! Use parental control apps

In this age of globalization, the demand and usage of mobile devices have increased exponentially and in today’s digitally connected world, any child can easily manage opening mobile apps, even those containing adult content that is not appropriate for their age. Access to full-featured
browsing and free downloading of apps are easier than before these days. Being technically updated is a good thing, but the important thing is the safe use of devices and apps. Today, most kids are addicted to paid internet games and access to adult sites is easy for them due to easy availability. They often download such apps which do nothing other than increasing your bills and making the kids addicted.

To make the process of monitoring and supervising the kid’s usage of mobile phones easier, parental control apps are available. One such app is Kids Place which is launched by Kiddoware, an Arizona based mobile app developer. This app restricts kids to the apps which are approved by their parents and prevent them from accessing undesired content. It creates a safe environment and ensures a maximum fun time for kids.
Parental controls on Android device

Install on parental controls on your mobile phone or tablet

Download the Kids Place app from the Google Play Store. This way, you can control what your kids can or cannot do on Android tablets or smartphones. Apart from this, parental controls are easily available on most internet-enabled devices. You can use age-appropriate settings to filter, monitor and block inappropriate activities of your kids. We recommend using parental controls especially for the younger children on their mobile, laptop and other gaming devices.

Kiddoware also offers parental controls on the internet browser with Safe Browser which will help you to manage which sites your kids can access when online. This also helps you to control and get reports on what websites are being used by the kids. You will also get alerts if they use inappropriate sites. You can configure both Safe Browser and Kids Place to monitor the activities of kids from the remote admin console and can have a conversation if you see something that is not right for them.
Setting up the parental controls
To set up parental control in your mobile phone, you can either create restricted profiles; use parental control apps or enable filtering and passwords for purchase in Play Store. Here are some methods to do so:

  1. Creating and using restricted profiles: Open the Settings menu from the device> scroll down and tap on Users> Add User or Profile> Set Up Password, PIN or Pattern for the account> name it > select apps to enable for this profile. Now use this restricted profile to control the usage of mobile phone by your kids.
  2. Use parental control app: Download and install parental control app Kids Place from the Google Play Store. Launch the app and locate its icon from the Home screen. Now set the PIN, password or pattern for the same. This PIN will be used to add unrestricted apps and to exit the parental control app. This way, your child won’t make unnecessary changes to this model. From the Settings, tap the option for selecting apps that you will allow your kids to access. When you are done, tap OK.
  3. Setting up parental controls in Play Store: Launch Google Play Store > Settings> Parental Controls> Enable Parental Controls> create PIN > Set Restrictions. Google Play also allows you to select the app ratings for certain age levels. Tap on the rating you prefer to set.
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