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Childproof your devices

Parental control apps for cell phones have become the first line of defense in creating a protected area for our children. The kids launcher allows you to choose content that is age appropriate and includes internet parental controls to make using technology safe for your child. We believe the best parental control app must also be accessible, so children can personalize the theme and background of our kids launcher to reflect their own style and interests.

Be informed and track activity

Looking for a parental monitoring app? Kiddoware’s device and internet parental controls work as a complete parental monitoring app, making ours one of the top parental control apps on the android market. Remote Control, Kids Place and Safe Browser all have features that allow phone monitoring for parents; Kiddoware does not just offer cell phone parental controls, it offers the best parental monitoring app. Receive live notifications when your child accesses a dangerous website or leaves a virtual geo fence. Kiddoware is committed to making our parental control apps for cell phones relevant to each innovation of modern technology. Parental monitoring is more important now than ever before, so we can keep our children safe.

Block purchases and downloads

Cell phone parental controls allow you to stop unwanted purchases and downloads by blocking app stores, stopping approved apps from starting unapproved apps, and restricting internet access. Our parental phone apps allow you to rest easy because we don't only focus on blind control, but on creating a parental tracking app that gives you regular reports on your child's app activity. Parental control apps for cell phones must be multifaceted to address the vulnerabilities of current smart technology. The best parental monitoring app and parental control app developers know the technology and use it to empower parents while creating a flexible and fun user experience for children. We strike that balance at Kiddoware.

Parental Control for Android

Making parents' lives easier.

Complete App Suite

We provide child safety for every developmental stage. The best parental control should follow the child through every phase of growth. Our cell phone parental controls are designed with longevity in mind.

Connected and Safe

It isn't enough to develop the best parental control app. With our numerous blog posts, we help parents teach children how to use technology properly. The best parental monitoring app goes hand in hand with education and safety awareness.

Reliable and Secure

We have spent more than 10 years improving our parental phone apps to meet the needs and wants of more than 4 million families. Knowing your needs is what makes our parental control app for cell phones one of the top parental control apps for android devices.

Easy Technology

We give parents convenient tools to enable parental monitoring while setting agreeable limits. Our parental tracking app is just as simple and accessible.

Child Empowerment

Internet parental controls create fun and protected areas, so children can enjoy autonomous activities while harmful content is blocked. Phone monitoring for parents does not have to restrict fun activities, so much as it promotes them.

Discreet Control

Our parental tracking app is both effective and discreet while our parental monitoring app allows remote access and is reliable.

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Over 3 million parents world wide trust Kids Place to make their child’s device safe and smart. 
Our parental control suite of apps offers
Screen Time Controls, Safe Browser and Safe Video Player for kids.

"It's simple, it keeps my kid from messing with my settings, clicking ads and downloading extra content. As long as they are in the app! they have nothing like this for Ipad."
Mark M.
19th December 2018
"This is by far the best free app I've found to let me feel totally comfortable when i hand my phone to my kids. they cant get out of it to anything else on the phone, they only see the icons for the apps you install and approve for them to see. it also blocks ads and keeps them from being able to buy anything. even if they push the home button they can't get out. all i do is put in a pin # to get back to my phone."
Heidi M.
19th December 2018
"Easy to use. Able to keep track of my preteens usage in internet."
Fred C.
19th December 2018
Kids Launcher and Parental Controls Suite for Android Devices

What Permissions KidsPlace app ask?

Following permissions are required by Kids Place App to perform its functionality:: For almost all Android manufacturer: Usage Access request:  App Usage Access permission is required to make sure we block unapproved apps to be accessible from Kids Place app. … Read More

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How to make my Redmi device work for Kids place app?

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How can I enable Redmi device permission for Kids Place from settings?

Here is the Video link to enable few permissions in your Redmi device for Kids place app to work smoothly and safe for your Kids

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