Is your child addicted to PUBG then what options are available to you

Gone are the days when children used to love spending more time outside. But things are upside down and be it an adult or a kid, they like to spend more and more time stuck to the smartphone or the tablet. Children are getting addicted to games and spending more time over the screen. This doesn’t only damage their eyes but their brain too.

PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground) an addicting game has issued a statement last month about a better and friendly gaming experience for the users and finally they have introduced a new feature to curb gaming addiction among minors.

Governmental crackdown on PUBG

Tencent, the mastermind behind the eSport has introduced a feature known as ‘digital lock’ in PUBG to ensure that minors are spending less time playing the game and curb cyberbullying.  It is basically a parent control feature where the users who are below the age of 13 need guardians to unlock the game and let them play. The new feature is first introduced in the Chinese version of the app and you can see this feature in the game ‘Honours of Kings’, which is another game by Tencent. This feature was introduced once the Chinese government cracked down on the rise of gaming addiction amongst the teenagers. The governments all over the world are concerned about the safety of children and have announced certain controls on different online games. They have come with rules for the games to be played by the children under 13 so that the problems related to the children’s screen time and addiction are addressed,

Harmful effect on children’s mind

Moreover, the game also has received a lot of criticism in India as it has made the youngsters addicted and violent in nature. The parents have complained about the game’s nature and they want such kind of games to be banned in the country. Games like PUBG not only hamper the child’s studies but also damage their brain. Different government organization had sent notices to schools to ban playing of the game in the school premises.  

The Delhi Commission For Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has issued a review about the game, stating its harmful effect on the children. They believe that this game can have adverse effects on the children. In Gujarat, the game was banned from schools as the parents made complaints,

Children also in favor of ban on PUBG

Believe it or not, not only the parents demanded a ban on the game, but the children too demanded a ban on PUBG game. An 11-year-old child who lives in Mumbai also appealed to the state and the central government to ban PUBG. The children wrote to several government authorities about the game’s violent behavior as well as the negative environment it creates. This kind of game can make children feel low and negative. Moreover, suicides and other violent incidents were also reported when children were not allowed to play the game.

It is the duty of the parent to make the children understand what effects these games can have on their life. Parental control apps such as Kids Place from Kiddoware can also help the parent by limiting the screen time of the children. It has many useful screen time control features that allow you to control what content and apps your child can access on their phone. Download Kids Place now to make your child safe from the harmful online content such as pornography, violent content and other age inappropriate content.

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