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How to Tell if an App or Website is Safe for Your Kids

Article specially written for Kiddoware.Com By: Felicity Amber Image Source: Pexels Image Link: Today’s unprecedented boom of mobile applications and websites is one of the most obvious indicators of how technology is changing the world. Smartphones have invaded even … Read More

Is Screen Time Really Bad For Kids?

Author: Megan Wenzl Screens do a lot for us. They help us connect with friends and family, learn, communicate, and keep us entertained. So as a parent of young children, it can often be a challenge to know how much … Read More

Parental Controls on Teen’s Android Device

One way to approach installing parental control apps on teens device, without making them feel as if they are being punished or being spied on, is to have a frank conversation with them about your intention that you are concerned … Read More

Set Kids Place as Default Launcher for Huawei Devices

Huawei firmware does not follow standard android behavior when it comes to replacing stock launcher app. Please follow steps below if you like to enable “Lock Home Button” option (replace launcher app) with Kids Place. When you tap on “Lock … Read More

Screen Time Control by App Categories

If you want to limit access or provide screen time controls to games on your device but allow phone/sms apps without any time that please use kids place categories to achieve this. Following steps explains how to configure for above … Read More

How advertisers target your teen’s smartphone and how to cope

In the age of digital marketing, teens are now the soft targets for advertisers, because in most of families they convince their parents to buy the latest fashions or the newest gadgets, and their choice prevails ultimately. Their buying power … Read More