Can too much screen time damage the brain?

These days, it is common to see the children involved too much with their gadgets. Keep aside the children; even the adults are addicted to the mighty screens. People spend less time out and more time in, as they are hooked to their gadgets. They spend the whole day over their laptops or desktops, they watch movies over their television, or go through WhatsApp or Facebook over their phone and when they are bored of them, they play games over their tablets. We all are surrounded by gadgets that block our minds and addiction can lead to structural and functional changes in the brain. These changes can lead to problems in decision-making, cognitive control, being attentive and other issues related to our nervous system and psychology.

Children suffering from sensory excess

There are kids who aren’t addicted but regular exposure to screen time can create subtle damage as according to the reports, regular exposure on an average is more than seven hours a day for an individual. According to a study, it has been observed that quite a few children these days suffer from sensory excess, lack of sound sleep and aroused nervous system. These make the children moody and impulsive. They do not listen to their parents or any elderly. Moreover, they confine themselves within. They do not have any real friends and thus talk to anyone much less.

Excessive screen time can have an adverse effacing on the brain’s functioning. Children experience massive changes from the age of puberty to the mid-twenties. These changes might affect their education, career as well as their relationships if they are exposed to unhealthy online content or remain stuck to mobiles for long each day.

The above research is an eye-opener

For the parents, it is important to understand that more screen time can harm the psyche of their children. You need to appreciate the value of screen management and convince other parents to do the same. Although many parents believe that they should limit screen-time, sometimes they often question whether there is enough evidence to limit screen-time as gadgets have become the part and parcel of everyone’s life. Does not matter if they are not up-to-date or deprived of some technology, but to save your child from further damages, you need to arm yourself with the truth about the damages caused by long screen time.

Parental controls can be a savior

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