Free Rattle Toy to calm or amuse your baby. Comes with Child Lock.


Baby Rattle Toy (With Child Lock) – an interactive rattle toy for your infant or toddler.
? Child lock ensures your kid accidentally does not make calls or get out of the app while enjoying it
? Six different rattle styles. Each with different sound effects. Latest rattle based on Spring/Easter theme.
? Animated objects in rattle will entertain your kids while improving their hand eye co-ordination as they try to tap.
on moving animals, fishes and other objects.
? Airplane mode feature to avoid exposure to cell phone radiations to your loved ones.


With Baby Rattle Toy you can calm or amuse your baby with your phone. Your baby will love this toy. With this free app you will always have a toy to calm your baby. The app rattles on shaking your phone or tapping the screen. App also includes a high contrast black and white pattern rattle style, which is scientifically proven to be visual stimulant for newborns.

To avoid exposure to potentially harmful cell phone radiation, app provides settings to force airplane mode on launch. To make the app baby proof all the phone buttons are deactivated, to avoid babies accidentally closing the app.


– Each object in rattle animates with sound effect when tapped.
– Five different rattle styles. Each with different sound effects.
– Setting to enable Child/Toddler lock
– Setting to force Airplane mode.
– Newborn friendly black and white rattle style
– Infant friendly – Rattle animates automatically for 20 seconds and can be triggered again by a simple tap or shake.

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