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Kids Place Video Player

Video player specifically designed for kids and toddlers. DESCRIPTION Video player specifically designed for kids and toddlers. Parents can select a list of videos, stored on their device, that kids can watch. Its also a plugin for Kids Place app … Read More

Should I limit the amount of time my children spend with their mobile phone?

With the coming of smartphones, children in modern day families have got a window to games, videos and  a tool constant interaction with their friends, but for parents this habit of their kids have added to their woes. They are … Read More

How to limit time your kids spend on their phone

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our life so much so that they virtually guide us. They keep us on task, while we are engaged in some other work. They can also suck us in, and kids are more … Read More

Set screen time limit for using the phone or tablet

To set time limit to control screen time or access at phone or tablet level itself, please do following configuration in Kids Place Parental Control app: 1. Go to kids place settings > timer > enable advance timer > tap … Read More

Exclude Apps like phone/sms from parental controls screen time limit

To Avoid putting any time limits for an app(s) like Phone, SMS, etc, please try this approach: 1. Make Sure you have not set any daily time limit and blocked time slots at device level (At Kids Place level) in … Read More

Need of parental control Apps

Today’s parents are facing predicament in raising a new breed of kids who are using tablets, gadgets and then graduate into using text in their teens to communicate. With integration of computer in school education, kids are nowadays face to … Read More

Kids Place parental control. An effective tool for Android parental control

Kids Place Parental Control – An effective tool for Android Parental Control In this age of globalization, demand in the use of mobile devices has been increasing exponentially and so is their popularity among kids. Access to full featured internet … Read More

How to integrate Kids Place SDK in your app

Kids Place API Usage Example This project includes sample code to demonstrate how to use Kids Place API. This can assist android developers who develop Apps for Children with following features: Locking of home button Android Parental Controls Settings Central authentication mechanism (to … Read More

How to reset Kids Place store app password

If you are not able to login to kids place store or have forgotten the password, please follow these steps. Start Kids Place Store app from the device  Tap on settings icon on top right corner Enter your Kids Place … Read More

Kids Place screen time

Kids Place Screen time is a Kids Place plugin to set up advance timer lock settings and set up a daily schedule. DESCRIPTION & FEATURES Kids Place Screen time is a Kids Place plugin to set up advance timer lock … Read More

Letters with Ally. Learn ABC

Kids Place – Parental Controls DESCRIPTION Learn letters with Ally the Alligator. Kids Place compatible for child lock. A fun way to introduce alphabets to babies; toddlers and preschoolers. Animated letter formation will captivate the little ones. App encourages motor … Read More

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