Keep your kids safe online at home or at friends’ place

In young minds, we see curiosity to know the unknown, and desire to explore something new. While doing this innocently, they tend to commit mistakes that may cause severe consequences. Since they are not capable enough of differentiating between right and wrong, especially when they are with their friends, they do make experiments. This has often been observed on social media that unwittingly they do something with friends and their families later suffer due to their folly. 

Many such incidents are being observed on Facebook and WhatsApp, parents must keep a tab on their kids while they pass time with their friends. Because when they are at the home, they follow rules, but if they are outside with friends, this can be ensured only through parental control apps. You may sometimes notice that even inside the house, kids are not following rules. Here’s how you can ensure that wherever or whenever they go, whether to study or to sleep over, the rules are with them.
First, you should discuss with your fellow parents about rules that you guys unanimously agree to impose, especially for screen time. While discussing these rules, you might be surprised that others are more stringent.

You should also ask if others are using any specific parental control software on their devices, or merely dependent on using device settings. Nevertheless, you should know the rules around screen time and make sure that kids understand them. You should very clearly let your kids know that just because they are out of the house and under a new set of rules, they would be spared.
Further, parents should also discuss other points related to technology that isn’t software adjacent. It may come to your notice that you have not allowed your kids to play certain kinds of video games, and have restricted them through the parental control app, or have parental control settings on your Netflix account, but others are not doing the same. This is certainly a point for a good conversation to reach a consensus on framing the rules. 

internet matters keeping kids safe online

Once the norms are decided, you can set parental control software. If your kids are working on a group project and taking more time than what you have allotted, you can free up extra time in the app to let them get their work done. This can be done through software that has a remote unlock. 
Further, you can also keep a schedule locked into their devices to enforce the rules. However, parents should be a bit flexible sometimes, allowing their kids to watch a movie together after bedtime. Remember, this should be done as an exception, not as a rule. 

For keeping the rules in place, you should ensure that your software is on. Because even docile kids in their friend’s company try to breach the norms or try to do so. Parental control app like Safe Browser is a useful tool to trust. Just visit Play Store to download it or click on Kiddoware to know more.

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