6 Reasons to monitor your Child’s Internet Activity

6 Reasons your Child’s Internet Activity should be monitored

How does a parent decide- what is invasion of privacy and what is right monitoring of their child? It is an internal conflict as it can cause long-term damage to the relationship. Children these days are more evolved and exposed. Sometimes, one can think that informing the kids about tracking can discipline them. Or the effect could be totally opposite. They will figure out ways to do what they want. So the big question is “what is controlling behaviour and what is a concern”?


The older the child is, the less likely it is to have restrictions on what they can do on their phones and computers. In today’s world, there is merit in being informed about what is going on in the digital space of your child. While it is important to grant your child more freedom as they age, it is still important to check their phones to ensure they are safe with their online interactions. Using a parental control app like Kiddoware can be useful in managing screen time and child’s online activity.


Here are the reasons why you should monitor your child’s internet activity: 



How would you know if your child was being bullied over the Internet? Cyber-bullying can happen in many ways: by sending mean messages over e-mail or by posting them on social media without permission.  Some kids experience mental breakdown. Without proper supervision, you cannot ensure whether they are getting bullied or bullying others.  


Inappropriate Content

Modern teenagers and children are in constant communication with each other. Your child may be sharing private text messages, photos and videos or any inappropriate content they find online with strangers. Chances are that it could expose them to inappropriate content or situations. 


Protect their reputation

There are certain things which should not be posted online as they are going to harm your child’s reputation and future chances of getting a better job or college admission. Monitoring them lets you know if your child or their friends are posting anything harmful.


Protect your personal information

Children can display private information on social media using their phones. They can share their location, pictures, name of the school they attend, their residence, information about their parents and much more. Online predators use this information to track your child which can be risky. 


Viruses and Malware

There are many apps and websites online and some contain harmful content that can negatively affect your child. Some viruses can be easily removed but hackers could blackmail you for a ransom to remove the virus from the system.Parents should monitor the websites their teenagers visit and make sure they have a good antivirus software installed to protect their personal information. 


Social Media and Gaming addiction

Addiction to social media and games is becoming more and more common among children and teenagers who use smartphones and gaming devices. Addiction can cause insomnia, lack of motivation, impaired vision, loss of social life etc. Social media is the main cause of addiction and the best way to prevent it is to set limits and schedules on your child’s device. 


How to protect your kids?

Protection does not necessarily mean having authority over them. It means teaching them smart ways of using social media. Social networking can be a great way to share information for people of all ages in a friendly way, but there are also some serious risks involved in it. 

Help them create social media accounts. Sit with them and educate them through social media. The key is to teach your children exactly how social media works and how to explore the web safely. 

At first, children require constant monitoring but over time, more freedom could be given. As your kids get older, they’ll be more mature and knowledgeable about what to do and what not on the Internet.  

Consider using parental control apps to ensure they’re safe. You can use kiddoware for this purpose as it is the best parental control app out there. 


The bigger point here is that today’s child is more vulnerable and more wired to the external world. Parents are trying to be their kid’s BFF and share more along with some monitoring of their time spent in the virtual world. 

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